Every Moment

by Justin Stroh

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This album is for anyone on the pilgrimage to heaven. It is also meant to be a consolation and encouragement for those who want to serve others even when the night is dark.

What is a Human Mystery?: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Keefsvs_vD4


released January 12, 2014

Justin Stroh
Mary Clare Stroh: Backing Vocals



all rights reserved


Justin Stroh Faribault, Minnesota

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Track Name: Unless You Eat
Unless You Eat
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

Here I am again, in this sanctuary
Where I hear you saying, this is necessary
You have sent me a sign, till the end of time
in this sanctuary

Your voice speaks, I am truly present
But my eyes say, O Lord, it’s not evident
All I see is simple bread and wine
Grain of the field, fruit of the vine
But I sense that you are here!

Unless you eat, of the flesh of the Son of Man,
And drink his blood, you have no life in you.
For he who eats my flesh and he who drinks my blood,
Will have eternal life!

How can you give me your flesh to eat
No it can not be a man that causes this feat
But you who where crucified, I believe your word is true
The essence changes into you!

Lord to whom shall I go?
You have the words of eternal life!
Eternal life!

So, I will eat your flesh and I will drink your blood,
I want eternal life!
Track Name: Every Moment
Every Moment
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

Every Moment
Is filled with your will
Give me a heart to live what it is you give
And to recognize your will disguised right here

I want to know you
I want to love you
I want to serve you now
I want to live you
I want to give you
I want to be your child

I need not travel
To a foreign land
Or accomplish
some complicated plan
Consists of this:
Track Name: There Is One Day
There is One Day
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

My friend wants to know
What I did yesterday
It was the same mystery
I entered today
Holy mass is forever
For every endeavor
He paid a price
We could never pay

There is one God and I long to see him
He changes never
He has no need yet he calls to me
There is one day it lasts forever
His name is Jesus
Unshakable unmovable is he

I shall not say I am too young
For God has written a plan for everyone
God is my helper
I shall not be afraid
What's Can a mortal do to me?
Track Name: God Alone Suffices
God Alone Suffices
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

Well I want to
See the fantasy for what it is
And I want to
Move out of illusions
let nothing trouble
nothing frighten
this word is passing
God does not change!

God alone suffices

Well I want to
Come to you with open hands
And I want to
See the poverty of my plans
Behold the riches of your heart
I cannot give what I do not have

God alone suffices

Well I want to
Receive your Holy Spirit
Depending on you oh Holy Spirit
Come with your holy fire
Unite your church with one desire

God alone suffices
Track Name: Present Now
Present Now
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

Calvary was 2000 years ago
My trial was two minutes ago
But your heart is vast
And your mind is infinite
Calvary was just two minutes ago

Your present here
Your present now
Your present in my dark night
Your present in this hour
And only the depths of your Divine Heart
Only the depth of your humility

Mary sang lullabies years ago
My lullaby ended did seconds ago
What I live is temporal
What you give is changeless
Mary is singing lullabies right now
Track Name: Grounded in Love
Grounded in Love
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

Dwelling in her heart by faith
rooted in love
A spousal union has begun
Great Mystery we behold
Mother and son
By the Holy Spirit he has come

The breadth
The length
the height
the depth
Beyond all knowing
Your love is going
Your kingdom's growing
Grounded in love

You have come to light a fire
Oh that, that fire
Might consume the world
Melt us, mold us, fill us, use us
Fall a fresh on us
Track Name: Faith & Works
Faith & Works
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

We are confident in the hope of attaining glory
As the sons of God
Hope would not be hope at all
if its object were in view

How could a man hope for
Something which he sees
all of us have a scrutiny to undergo
before Christ's judgment seat

Justified by faith and works
Faith known by love
Justified by faith and works
works, the active response to faith

What does it profit, my brethren
If a man says he is faith but not works
Can his faith alone, save him?
Faith itself is dead, without works!

To know, love, and serve him
As a light to the nations
A beacon of dignity!

In prayer, we call upon the Father
Who judges each one justly
salvation is a gift
And it takes a lifetime, to receive it!

Proclaim Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God!
Track Name: Lend Us Your Heart
“Lend Us Your Heart”
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

Evil could not entangle you,
Queen of night.
The head of the serpent has been crushed,
Queen of the Day!

Confusion is met with patience,
It can not entangle you.
Mother forever,
None can sever

Women, full of sorrow, yet in peace.
“Lend us Your Heart,” and your reign will increase.
“And the night will be no more and they will need no light from lamps
or the sun, for the LORD God will give them the light!”
They will reign for ever, always at peace!”
Never apart
from your first love
Lend us your heart!
Your Heart!

Women clothed with the sun,
the Moon under her feet,
And on head, a crown of twelve stars!

Evil can not entangle you
O Church of God!
No matter how it has tried, and it has tried
To tear you down.

Just remember
the words to Peter
and stay true.
Where he has gone
you must go,
Track Name: Beyond Biology
Beyond Biology
Copyright 2014 Justin Stroh

Blessed are those who hear the word and keep it
The Spirit comes to them and deepens
The Lord purified his chosen one
The Lord purified his chosen one

Who is the brother, mother, father, of Christ
Whoever does the will of the Father
The Lord purified his chosen one
The Lord purified his chosen one

And goes beyond biology
She's quite the mistress to behold
She's the bearer of God man
The Gracefilled home

A privilege beyond biology
I love transmitted with authority
The Lord purified his chosen one
The Lord purified his chosen one

Full of Grace blessed among women
bearing love for all men
The Lord purified his chosen one
The Lord purified his chosen one

And the light ensued the room
Mystery shattered reason
And to the wonderment of nature
She bore her Creator
Track Name: Theotokos
Queen of all hearts, you are my queen!
Mother of also souls, you are my mother!

Blessed are you,
Conceived without sin
Holy are you,
who gave flesh to Divinity
For humanity. (Pray for me, pray for humanity)

Most Pure, Radiant Beauty
My Lady, My Lady of Mercy
All sinful, though I am
I cast myself, at thy feet!

My princess my love, listen to the sighs of my heart
I desire to love you and serve you more faithfully!

O faithful, ardent mistress,
I give my heart to you!
Defend, nourish and teach,
hear me and save me!